Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stove & Fridge

Hello diary, Nita , Rosa & Christel!!!*grin*

Yesterday , was able to work with couple appliances. I should had taken pictures of what each of them looked like but sometimes my time is so "timed" that I get focused on the most important things and forget that taking WIP pictures is also important.
The stove above is partially covered with masking tape while I am spraying with cream color to match our REAL kitchen gas stove.

This are pictures of the stove almost done. I added the legs to match ours but also because this is the right scale for our dolls. The fridge is one that I bought on a state sale (((years ago))) I think I got for our marionettes but didn't use it. You can only imagine how excited I was when I took out the box and realized that it was "almost" the right size.

"Almost" is right. I had to add a good bit and sand it with a power tool because the fridge was so rusted I almost gave up.I am glad I did not because it turned up very nice, don't you think?

well, I still have some good work to do like painting the fridge and sculpting the handles..... but the stove only needs its legs painted. What do you think???/ Hey, is only the three of you here!!!*big grin*

Oh yes... that is (((me))) today as I got home from church and Gabby snap a picture of me so I can make an similar outfit for my own doll...*blushing*

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