Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sewing day

My dolls!!!!!*smiles*
Hello Diary and my dear ladies!!!*grin*

I have been trying to spend part of my wednesdays doing something for our family dolls.
Today , for most part of the afternoon, I sew and was able to make several new dresses. I cut an easy pattern and it work so nicely that Imade few of it.
Most of the fabric are left over from my own dresses, I am almost done with a dress that I made for my doll from a fabric that is from a new handmade day dress for me. Because I have not been feeling well ( sore throat, yikes) I don't feel like taking a picture but as soon I feel better again, I will and post here.*grin*

I love them!!!!!! Aren't they cute??

sweet Becca!!!

Silly Becca!!!!

Another one finished!

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