Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making the front of the dollhouse

Hello there~

I start making my dollhouse last year.It was just on paper plans but the beginning of this year I start making the house it self. I will be showing you bits and pieces but I did not record everything I did so one will see the end results.
The "front' of the house will be detached from the house it self because its size. Just for you to have an idea, the front is 8 feet long... this is a quarter scale to human scale.

I uploaded my pictures backwards,sigh, I do that often,*blushing*. I will try to make sense as much as possible.
The picture below , I am cutting my 'tiles" . the actual titles of my house are 8" long by 2" wide. So for the FD it has to be 2" long by 1/2" wide.
Below are just some samples and not cut to the right size.

I spent 2 days thinking what material to use for the bricks. It NEEDED to be light weight. After experimenting with 3 different materials, I found one that I am super pleased. The picture above is showing a piece of foam, one Styrofoam and the other stuff .The last one is the one I choose. It is cheap and is something used on buildings. I got at the home improvement store. I tested to see if would take paint , and it did very well.

here are the tiles cut.... well.... started.... i will have to make few hundreds...

Most of the dollhouse is made at the wood shop but because we don't have air conditioner there but I do have here at the pottery shop, I "squeezed"things around so I can do some work here
I know it probably does not make a lot of sense but here I am making the base for the front of the house.

This picture was suppose to be placed before the one of the top....sigh.

This is a similar thing that I made in a 1:12 scale. Much easier then what I am attempting now.

Another one in a 1;12 scale. This is for my props....grin

Here you can see the entire piece.

my next pictures for the front of the house will make more sense.


  1. You are just amazing me Patricia! Is this house to become a "theater" for the puppets? Creative minds just keep on buzzing constantly. I wish I had time to do ALL the artistic projects that my heart desires. It seems my books take up 90% of my art time, and yet there are so many other crafts and artforms I love to do. The thing is, I LOVE writing and illustrating books and keep on writing more stories....
    Thank you for inviting me to share this part of your artistic endeavor. I do enjoy dolls. I have a few I have been working on for years!

    PS, About the tea, I think I will stick with my morning coffee, tea is just not the same. Although, afternoon tea is still on my menu.

  2. Your 'bricks' and all of the scenery is just absolutely amazing. What a wonderful family venture you have under production.
    Teresa in CA

  3. Hello, Patricia...and your whole family too!
    OH!!! I adored your Cinderella DVD! It was so enchanting, and well-rehearsed. Just everything about the play was fantastic...the scenery, the beautiful handmade dolls, and their lovely clothing. And the ACTING was superb by everyone!!! Congratulations for being so dedicated to bringing enjoyment to those who have had the pleasure of viewing your production live and to those of us who are honored to be able to watch the DVD. May you have many more magical plays to produce!
    And again, Cheers! to your entire family, and whomever else was involved in creating such entertainment!
    Warm wishes...

  4. @Jeri,
    I imagine that every artist 'suffers' of that same issue...time!*grin*
    it is my saying that been an artist is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because everything we see can can "transform" into something else and a curse because is hard to stop ourselves and we not always have time.
    Your work is so very lovely and detailed. i can see how much time and effort you put in each page.
    I make tea from our chamomile and mellissa dry leaves. i make old fashioned way with a cloth filter. if you look at my woolytales posts,,early ones, i have one in the subject!
    @ teresa,, Firstly a big "warm welcome" to our blog/diary. I am thrilled you are viisiting us and you are such a sweet lady!
    In behalf of all Cabreras, I thank you for your kind words about our Cinderella dvd. We are thrilled that you enjoyed it!


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