Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Wow!!! the year went by so fast.... but i did get a lot done this year. My dollhouse is complete now , and the next step is decorating. I made the Christmas tree almost 6 months ago. I only got the kitchen done recently so I did not had enough time to devote to the family house as much as i want to as i am so very busy with the miniatures right now.
But this is what i did so far...grin

e got home from church service and after we had our special Christmas supper, the girls and I set up the family dolls for a portrait picture... lovely!

Note... crazy choice of clothes were not mine,grin, teenager girls!!!!
dad's close up...
Becca in the kitchen... can you see the copper kitchen? this was a gift... it is exactly like ours in a miniature it!

Hallway... many of my paintings will be hanging here later on.... but for now you can see the beautiful stairway... next year we shall decorate with lots of greenery.