Tuesday, May 10, 2011

donuts...delicious donuts!!!:-)

Hello diary and girls!!!:-)

I never truly considered making mini food...why?because there are so many people already making and some really good ones BUT, when it came to find food for my family dolls , there were none!!!
Soooo... here I am"making mini food" pretty much for the first time, and guess what ?? i LOVED IT!!*grin*

yes, yes, I am the kind of artist that loooveeees to try some thing new... that is true but the end results is what truly made me happy.

As you see .... i end up with 2 different sizes.... yes... my mistake BUT I am so happy I did because I know some young girls across the country that has larger dolls and I am fixing to mail the large one for them as surprise! I think they will love it.

I made the boxes and even added the plastic.... now what you don't know is that my food actually needs a label.... "don't eat it" not for the looks but because they SMELL like the real thing...how? food scent fragrance...

isn't it cool????

I can't wait to add to our dollhouse kitchen.

I may sell some of my "mistake' sizes on ebay or etsy and honestly i am not hope for new business but give some girls out there with large dolls some fun time!!!!

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