Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First post


I am starting this blog to record my progress with our family dolls. This has been a 2 years project so far. Creating the dolls was the first step but so much more has changed and improved. I then started to think that I needto write a "diary' about it as these dolls are not "just dolls" but US, my family "frozen in time".... frozen in the year of 2009.

I can't think of any greater joy than been a mom. the memories that I have shared in my life with my husband and children are priceless an making the dolls is a way to "keep" some of this time alive.

We have so much fun already with all the making and searching for similiar items that we have in real life into miniature. Oh yes! I almost forgot to say.... these dolls are 1/4 scale HUMAN size. so every thing for them is our size divided by 4.

This is NOT an easy scale.... too little for an american doll.... not quite a tonner doll and too little Barbie. BUT this makes me more creative to make things and also excited when I DO find the right size pan, or silverware.grin.

Okay .... to end this I am posting a picture of all the dolls parts that have been already made from silicone molds into resin. I truly disliked this process..... now I am sanding and drilling holes.\


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