Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Christmas turkey...yumm!!

Okay, I know I know it is not Christmas yet ,BUT I have many, MANY plans for our family dolls for Christmas , sooooo.... it is never too early to get started!!!*grin*

Making food -again!!! Ohhh... I must confess ....it is SO much fun!!!!!!

Okay, I better get to the point:
I choose a picture online for my turkey dish. I realized that I needed to make grapes , oranges and the turkey. First time for all... so needless to say .... I was nervous!
First I made the oranges ...
here you see.... sliced waiting for texture and color....

It is hard to show but the one I am holding has been texture and shade....ready to be baked.

For the grapes I used translucent fimo and shade with pastel green, I also painted the little leaves

the turkey turned up so good.... I was able to give a texture ( I used paper towels ) that looks just like the turkey skin!!! yeahhhh!!

I will make a second one .... it is for my copper kitchen.... do you want to see progress??let me know and I will post!*grin*

Here is my final dish and the picture I got online...what do you think????


  1. Thank you for inviting me, Patricia. I have been scrolling through your entries. Your dolls are truly marvelous. The faces on the ladies and gents are really true to their models! I will give this a good going over so that I can see everything. You are so very talented.

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you, concerning your comment on my coffee post.... I really doubt if I can give up my cup in the morning. I love tea, but it is a totally different experience than coffee. I mean, there is nothing like a rich strong cuppa in the morning!

  3. TITA!!!!!! I HAVE MISSED SO MUCH HERE!!! WOW. I cannot BELIEVE what you have done here. O.K., now I truly love your wooly works. BUT I think that THIS is where you shine the most...with the dolls and the miniatures..Oh, it is hard to say because everything you DO IS GOLDEN!!! But the expression on the faces, THE DETAILS on the TURKEY! IT LOOKS REAL!!! You must be having a blast...excellent work my friend and THANK YOU FOR INVITING MEEEEEE!!!!! LOVE TO YOU, Nita

  4. Oh, My, Gosh!
    Everything looks so mouth watering! You do fabulous work! I am so happy to have found you and thank you again for sending me your blog link.
    Teresa in California


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