Thursday, June 23, 2011

The family doll's dollhouse

I am so very excited because our family dollhouse is getting closer and closer to be ready. Our family dolls have been so patiently waiting for their home for about 2 years now. The home project started out on 2010 but it has been a slow process to get it done. I huge collaboration with a meticulous carpenter , and lots of ideas and plans, I am finally able to say that *soon* my living room will have the new dollhouse set up.

This is a quarter scale ( human scale -as any thing in our world divide by 4 is a quarter scale). This scale is miniature however is quite large. I am only able to make our dinning room, hallway and kitchen with the space that we have to set the house. Perhaps in the future I will make another with some rooms but for now, I am glad I have this because like in my own home, our kitchen is the *center and heart* of our home and so it will be for our family dolls. *grin*

The home was build with furniture grade birch wood. This is very expensive wood and very fine too. But for our floors I wanted to be perfectly match with our own wood floors so I went with hand cut veneers. Wow, what a job.... many.... MANY hours to get this done and MANY waste too. they kept splitting as it got cut.

A special shrink table and tools were required to professionally attached the veneers/glue/floors.

The scale is *perfect * to our home.

Here you can see *mine* stairs and the dollhouse one.

Look the details..... a miniature lathe was used to make the spindles... no I did not make them. I wish!

there is NOTHING in this dollhouse that was bought pre fabricated. Everything is costume made to detail , mostly done in a miniature lathe.

I am sooooo excited to start the staining now.... you won't believe what it will look like when is all done............Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcome to my new readers

I just want to send a warm *welcome* to my new visitors, Teresa and Susanne. I did send invitations for few more friends so you are also welcome and I invite you ((( not))) to be a stranger!!!!!*grin*

I was not able to spend my Wed doing dollie work but I was able to sew a little bit. lots of my newly outfits are from thrift store baby clothes. I try my best not to buy anything that I can make myself or use something that I already have. Shoes is probably the only thing at this time that I rather buy from the Chinese... ohhhhh, I confess,, I can't resist... they are perfection and better than any that I would do my self.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Front of the house progress picture

Now things are starting to look better and make more sense,no?

Wednesday -doll-day.....yeahhh.....I was able do spend a great deal of time in my shop today. i then work at the barns and now I feel accomplished and happy. Gabby made the little video besides the clip below and it is so sweet. I will be posting soon and oh, yes, i must to add that Becca is the one that made/cut all the bricks for me.*grin*

This side of the house is getting the grout between the 'bricks"now . I am truly happy with the material choices because the entire front is very sturdy and yet light weight so far.

I hope you too had a blessed day!!!*grin*

Gabby's first stopmotion clip