Friday, May 6, 2011

Pottery & Pets

My title does not go together but with my time that is how I can write my page today.

My children surprised me with a wonderful "Mother's day" early lunch. I think about when they do things like this for me and for others because the attitude behind ( thoughts ,-plans and the actual doing it) is so special , even more than sitting and eating with them.

They made all my favorites dishes . How this came to be a surprise was that I first had my hair appointment this morning then when I got home I was told to go to my shop instead of the house.*grin*

They (are) wonderful!!!!!*grin*

sooooo..... I sculpted more animals and unload my kiln with some pottery that I had turned and fired not to long ago.

I glazed with a glaze that I use for OUR family dishes and pots. I normally use a clay named brown speckles and occasionally I use white stoneware but because I thought I was going to make white dishes only, I used the white clay . The brown speckled is my favorite because when I use these glazes they turn up much differently . I am happy with those too. This is the second set of dished for the family dolls ... I am working on my third.

I have decided that the white dished will have my illustrations. I made few miniature decals last year. I am so excited to use it now. They are decals that I can fire on the kiln, meaning that they are similar to transferware dishes. very lovely.

I made a large set , 40+ pieces 2 years ago for my patitadolls. They were too big for them and perfect for our family dolls.grin. The silverware are from Germany and one of my precious findings.... It is not easy to come across the same exactly set but I have bought those at 3 different is such a thrill! They are made from real metal!

Eventually I will add my pet's pictures, the real ones and the dolls. I realized that I need to more of the same , at least for the dogs, in different position.Here are some in progress....

This is Jackie..... in her favorite position.... resting,grin. I was able to paint them and add lenses to the eyes... maybe tomorrow I can start with the wool.

time for bed..... I am so very tired ....but happy!!!grin

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  1. Tita...I am so honored to be invited to come to this private corner of your workshop, and life.

    Your dolls are a tribute to those you love, and dearest, you just warm my heart. Your dedication to your art and heart SPEAK VOLUMES TO ME and your children will NEVER EVER FORGET THE WONDER you have created for them...those dolls, the pottery, all so MAGICAL and I live for the magic moments in life. BRAVO MY SWEET....I am sorry that I did not come earlier; Ruben keeps me busy with his BRILLIANT MIND and talks to me constantly! teeeeheeee...he reminds me of some of the boys in my class. They know I will listen so they start talking to me about their baseball practice, their hockey, and then I come home to listen to MY BOY talk about his ideas. I am BLESSED!!!



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