Thursday, May 5, 2011

May day sewing

ahhh... today was such a beautiful cool afternoon.... what a May day!

I had the windows open wide and a soft breeze was coming in.... I could hear the animals outside including the sheep, cows and birds plus kiwi was softly speaking too.... lovely!

I was able to make 3 shirts ...2 for Mark and one for me. Oh Yes, these 2 have been ready for couple weeks now. I also have Becca and Gabby ready . Today I will drill and sand kate and Sthef . Hopefully next week I will be able to start working with the boys.*grin*

Mark is the only one with a wig now because I am using him and i as model for the clothes making. I don't want the children ( real ones) to see their dolls yet. The first picture of Mark you can see he has a corset to give him a little more "body"*hehehe*. It is easily removable too.

I didn't like this shirt too much.... I am not good about making male's clothes... the collar is so hard to make without a pattern...sigh.... I will get here. I am waiting for the mini buttons to arrive in the mail sometime soon. I did make another shirt... it did turn out much better than this one.These are very similar patterns of shirts that the real Mark uses.... the children thinks is funny... I think that *they* are amazed!!!!LOL


  1. The resemblance is re*mark*able, Pat! These two dolls look like perfect little miniatures of you and Mark!!
    Thank you for the invitation to travel along with you on this very sentimental, creative journey. I will be watching every step of the utter amazement and anticipation!
    lovingly, Rosa

  2. Thank (you) Rosa!*grin*
    I am happy that you came and will be following our progress. I have done a lot this past couple years and have much storaged , hopefully I will be able to add little "pages" here as I have time to.
    Love you too~


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