Thursday, June 23, 2011

The family doll's dollhouse

I am so very excited because our family dollhouse is getting closer and closer to be ready. Our family dolls have been so patiently waiting for their home for about 2 years now. The home project started out on 2010 but it has been a slow process to get it done. I huge collaboration with a meticulous carpenter , and lots of ideas and plans, I am finally able to say that *soon* my living room will have the new dollhouse set up.

This is a quarter scale ( human scale -as any thing in our world divide by 4 is a quarter scale). This scale is miniature however is quite large. I am only able to make our dinning room, hallway and kitchen with the space that we have to set the house. Perhaps in the future I will make another with some rooms but for now, I am glad I have this because like in my own home, our kitchen is the *center and heart* of our home and so it will be for our family dolls. *grin*

The home was build with furniture grade birch wood. This is very expensive wood and very fine too. But for our floors I wanted to be perfectly match with our own wood floors so I went with hand cut veneers. Wow, what a job.... many.... MANY hours to get this done and MANY waste too. they kept splitting as it got cut.

A special shrink table and tools were required to professionally attached the veneers/glue/floors.

The scale is *perfect * to our home.

Here you can see *mine* stairs and the dollhouse one.

Look the details..... a miniature lathe was used to make the spindles... no I did not make them. I wish!

there is NOTHING in this dollhouse that was bought pre fabricated. Everything is costume made to detail , mostly done in a miniature lathe.

I am sooooo excited to start the staining now.... you won't believe what it will look like when is all done............Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh


  1. OH my know Tita, I am so blessed. I am so blessed to have you as a friend and sister because you feed the child within me. Not just the child, but the dreamer, the woman who desires to build with her hands and heart, mind and soul. This is just beyond what most people would go. Your eye for detail and demand for perfection is impressive but most of all, inspiring. I am now taking this link to see if I can put it on my blog roll so I can keep up with your progress! IT IS AMAZING!!!!! Nita

  2. Oh Tita, I just love this sweet one! I have this blog on my blog list, but it told me when I put it on my list that I would not be notified whenever you post. SO....whenever you make a NEW post, just let me know and I will be here in a heartbeat! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE CHRISTMAS PARTY EITHER!!! Oh, you are so love the small things and that is so special my friend...SO WONDERFUL!


  3. Dear Pat,

    Oh my goodness, it's beautiful! I am so excited to see how the finished house will look. Thank you for sharing this with us, and inspiring our family with your beautiful life.



  4. Oh Pat, Thank you for inviting me to come and see your progress! AMAZING!!! It looks so great! I can see the joy in your work,the details are so wonderful!! I am so glad you putphotos of the real stairway for truly is an outstanding job! Much Love, Christel


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