Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas and second floor

 Hi Dear diary and friends,grin
I had a very different plan to share with you all but like most of the time, my plans were changed due to much around me. It is alright and sometimes i see as a blessing.
I took these pictures before i decided that I want to add a second floor so i will go ahead and share with you... they are sweet,grin.... above is kiwi , our parrot....
 Josh and Becca are playing a game...  we like that?:)
 Sthef e watching while looking a magazine....
 Ben is dreaming of Christmas....
 This was Christmas day, 2013

This picture is not very good quality. Because it is winter and it is cold at the shop, I am painting the second floor right here in our living room

 You can see here how big is the house. The second floor is coming along very nicely. I am happy that we will be able to have a bathroom and a dinning room too.... this will be really fun!

I also decide to make a sofa. I made this one out of  cardboard paper and recycled foam. Can you see the mess I made in my kitchen?grin

Here is the sofa. It is comfy like I planned. I can't wait to show you inside the living room. soon...

Merry Christmas friends!!!grin

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