Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rose, jackie ( our dogs) with kiwi and me :-)


  1. YOU should have seen me sitting here with my jaw dropped. I looked at the dogs and thought they were real. Then I said, "wait, they look too still, like dolls..." ThEN, I saw YOU, THE DOLL, with LORO, and then IT CLICKED! YOU are able to TRICK the viewer in a wonderful and MAGICAL way to first think they are looking at the real, OR the imaginary...then when we find out what we are really looking at, we swoon.

    YOU are a master. That is all I can say!!!!! THANK YOU TITA!! Your doll is so gorgeous, like you!!!

  2. I agree with Anita completely! I was smiling the entire time, although it was a very short video, it was VERY realistic, and yes, the Patricia doll is so beautiful..just like you! Thank you for sharing this Pat, I too am amazed at your talent..God is good isn't he? He has blessed each of us with many talents to share, and warm hearts to love each other with! I am so happy I have met you both! Much Love my friends, Christel


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