Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our family dolls is now for public view :)

 Hello !!!

This is my first public posting, so  I welcome you!!*grin*
I started this blog as a journal and it has been a long process in which it has been bitter sweet.
The family doll house are Protrait's doll of my seven children and my self. I was married when I began this project and now I'm going through a long divorce. 
I had to set this project aside for while but recently I decided to "clean up" the house and work as time allows me.
These dolls are large  measuring between 18" to 22". The house is huge and as you will see below , some of my miniature room boxes in 1:12 scale are on top and you can have an idea of the size.
I would love to make these dolls into a mold and get   fired into porcelain so they can be smaller. It would make them more proportional to the house. That is another large project that I cant do at the moment so , maybe one day!*grin*
I hope you enjoy the pictures....
The house is a copy of my own farm house... the place where my children grow up!:)

Becca and Sthefanie
Ben and Rose (dog)

Me and Louro Kiwi( my parrot)

Gabby , I love this picture, it looks just like my real Gabby

Bathroom... needs work!


  1. Patricia, this is just Amazingly Beautiful and Touching!!! I Adore the portraits of all your family! The bigger scale is very Inspiring! I really look forward to seeing more. Thank you for sharing this "private" family!

  2. Wow, your dolls and dollhouse are amazing. You are a wonderful artist.
    Sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time.


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