Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our family dolls is now for public view :)

 Hello !!!

This is my first public posting, so  I welcome you!!*grin*
I started this blog as a journal and it has been a long process in which it has been bitter sweet.
The family doll house are Protrait's doll of my seven children and my self. I was married when I began this project and now I'm going through a long divorce. 
I had to set this project aside for while but recently I decided to "clean up" the house and work as time allows me.
These dolls are large  measuring between 18" to 22". The house is huge and as you will see below , some of my miniature room boxes in 1:12 scale are on top and you can have an idea of the size.
I would love to make these dolls into a mold and get   fired into porcelain so they can be smaller. It would make them more proportional to the house. That is another large project that I cant do at the moment so , maybe one day!*grin*
I hope you enjoy the pictures....
The house is a copy of my own farm house... the place where my children grow up!:)

Becca and Sthefanie
Ben and Rose (dog)

Me and Louro Kiwi( my parrot)

Gabby , I love this picture, it looks just like my real Gabby

Bathroom... needs work!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas and second floor

 Hi Dear diary and friends,grin
I had a very different plan to share with you all but like most of the time, my plans were changed due to much around me. It is alright and sometimes i see as a blessing.
I took these pictures before i decided that I want to add a second floor so i will go ahead and share with you... they are sweet,grin.... above is kiwi , our parrot....
 Josh and Becca are playing a game...  we like that?:)
 Sthef e watching while looking a magazine....
 Ben is dreaming of Christmas....
 This was Christmas day, 2013

This picture is not very good quality. Because it is winter and it is cold at the shop, I am painting the second floor right here in our living room

 You can see here how big is the house. The second floor is coming along very nicely. I am happy that we will be able to have a bathroom and a dinning room too.... this will be really fun!

I also decide to make a sofa. I made this one out of  cardboard paper and recycled foam. Can you see the mess I made in my kitchen?grin

Here is the sofa. It is comfy like I planned. I can't wait to show you inside the living room. soon...

Merry Christmas friends!!!grin

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It is almost Christmas again....

Hi friends...
I know it has been almost a year since I posted here. to be honest with you, the family doll and their house were set aside for while.... never forgotten but left alone. I was busy with the miniature work and with my own family that the dolls, although  they are my heart and where i "run" to distract my mind, had also to be set aside.

I am now working on setting the house and dolls for Christmas, grin.... it feels good to do that!grin

I made a shelf over the sink and I also made a window. My sink was made by Kris Compas. She is just amazing with any scale work. I am so thankful  that kris takes up my requests!!!(( big grin))))

well... i will be doing a post very soon... before Christmas and will  add lots of pictures and hopefully a little surprise.  Let see if time allows me!
i hope you are enjoying this time of the year and like me, remembering at the Grace of God for sending His son to save us!.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

Wow!!! the year went by so fast.... but i did get a lot done this year. My dollhouse is complete now , and the next step is decorating. I made the Christmas tree almost 6 months ago. I only got the kitchen done recently so I did not had enough time to devote to the family house as much as i want to as i am so very busy with the miniatures right now.
But this is what i did so far...grin

e got home from church service and after we had our special Christmas supper, the girls and I set up the family dolls for a portrait picture... lovely!

Note... crazy choice of clothes were not mine,grin, teenager girls!!!!
dad's close up...
Becca in the kitchen... can you see the copper kitchen? this was a gift... it is exactly like ours in a miniature it!

Hallway... many of my paintings will be hanging here later on.... but for now you can see the beautiful stairway... next year we shall decorate with lots of greenery.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Floors and walls are almost done!

I know , I know... it looks like that my blog is getting cob's web but hey! I like spires!!!*grin*
No, really , I have just working very hard on important things lately. There are so many things to do during the summer.... I need to focus in what is more important to get done because of lack of time and for me right now is our family doll's house.
*as you see*, ((( singing))), grin, THIS has been very important because I can gladly tell you that my floors, walls and stairs.... did I mentioned how much I love these stairs?? Are all done!
the paint is matches my own walls . I can not wait to start making reproductions of my paintings and hanging on the walls but all will take some good time and i am not in a rush as this is such a relaxing and enjoyable project that has taken many people to get accomplished.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The family doll's dollhouse

I am so very excited because our family dollhouse is getting closer and closer to be ready. Our family dolls have been so patiently waiting for their home for about 2 years now. The home project started out on 2010 but it has been a slow process to get it done. I huge collaboration with a meticulous carpenter , and lots of ideas and plans, I am finally able to say that *soon* my living room will have the new dollhouse set up.

This is a quarter scale ( human scale -as any thing in our world divide by 4 is a quarter scale). This scale is miniature however is quite large. I am only able to make our dinning room, hallway and kitchen with the space that we have to set the house. Perhaps in the future I will make another with some rooms but for now, I am glad I have this because like in my own home, our kitchen is the *center and heart* of our home and so it will be for our family dolls. *grin*

The home was build with furniture grade birch wood. This is very expensive wood and very fine too. But for our floors I wanted to be perfectly match with our own wood floors so I went with hand cut veneers. Wow, what a job.... many.... MANY hours to get this done and MANY waste too. they kept splitting as it got cut.

A special shrink table and tools were required to professionally attached the veneers/glue/floors.

The scale is *perfect * to our home.

Here you can see *mine* stairs and the dollhouse one.

Look the details..... a miniature lathe was used to make the spindles... no I did not make them. I wish!

there is NOTHING in this dollhouse that was bought pre fabricated. Everything is costume made to detail , mostly done in a miniature lathe.

I am sooooo excited to start the staining now.... you won't believe what it will look like when is all done............Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh